Uma Vida Melhor - VITORINO


A short film written by João Rito and Ricardo Bravo, which traces Nuno Vitorino's story of courage and overcoming: a man who found in what seemed to be the worst day of his life, an open door to a better life.
In little more than seven minutes, the authors take us on a journey told by their own and by those who are closest to him, from the moment he changed his life forever, to the actuality made of a day-to-day almost normal , were not his routines guided by two objectives that give him the necessary motivation to continue his journey: the waves he still wants to conquer and those he longs to share with those who, like him, do not let the rocks in the way prevent them from get where they want.


Director: Ricardo Bravo & João Rito
DOP: Ricardo Bravo & João Rito
Edit: Tiago Garcia
Sound: Tiago Matos (Walla Collective)
Grading: Andreia Bertini (Walla Collective)
Motion Graphics: Push VFX
Music: Carved in Mayhem - Luke Atencio

Thank you
Push VFX
Walla Collective
João Valente